Video Watching: Lion, a long way from home.

Video Watching.
1-Imagine you were lost and couldn´t find your family, what would you do?
After watching.
1-Describe the environment and conditions of the orphanage in Calcuta.
2-How does he react when he is separated from his Indian family and becomes lost?
3-Choose a dialogue from your extract that could be used to report.
4-Choose at least two expressions or idioms used in your extract. Find out the meaning and provide an example to illustrate its use.
5- Growing up in Australia is better than growing up in India? Do you think that schooling creates better opportunities?
Research Work:
What do you know about adoption in our country? Do you know how the process works?
Find another story of a boy or girl who had to fight against all odds. It must be a true story. It must be a story of determination and courage.
Write a summary of the story.
Compare the protagonist with Saroo.
Reflect on the teaching this story leaves us.

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