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Video: Lion. Groups

Group 1:Paz, Juansi, Luca and Santi Yesse. Group 2:Mati Campion, Mora,Nico Grosso and Juana. Group 3: Mati Carreira, Tomi, Caro and Feli. Group 4:Mati Hartman, Valen, Santi Guerrico and Rosita. Group 5: Emi, Lucas V, Fede and Serena. Group 6: … Continue reading

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Video Watching: Lion, a long way from home.

LION: A LONG WAY HOME. Video Watching. PREVIEWING TASK. 1-Imagine you were lost and couldn´t find your family, what would you do? After watching. 1-Describe the environment and conditions of the orphanage in Calcuta. 2-How does he react when he … Continue reading

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