Project on Starvation.

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We are working on our project on starvation. Each of us has been sharing the answers of these questions:

1-Have you ever been in contact with someone suffering from starvation?

2-Do you or anybody in your house helps or contributes with time in any organization which helps people suffering from malnutrition?

3-How can we help stop the problem of starvation in our country? Can we all help?


No, we have never been in contact with someone who suffers from starvation. The areas of our country that are affected by starvation are Salta, Corrientes, Jujuy, Formosa and Chaco.

No, we don’t know someone that works for an organization that deals with starvation.

We think that the government could help the people that suffer from starvation by opening job posts so that these people could generate money.

In our country, there is a lot of poverty. According to INDEC there are 11.000.000 people suffering from this problem. Many do not have enough money to buy food, because of this, they suffer from starvation. Especially you can find these people in provinces like Santiago del Estero, Corrientes, Tierra del Fuego (especially Ushuaia) and CABA.

We know about an organization called “Banco de Alimentos” because we went there with the school to help. What they do is to separate rotten or defeated food from food that can be eaten. This food is donated by companies that give them because they are very near to the expiration date. After being separated, they are donated to people that are suffering from hunger.

Yes, all of us can help these people with donations to organizations that help people suffering from hunger like FAO, FIDA or PMA so that they can buy food for these food. Also, we could all help donating to organizations.

Margarita Barrientos works for an organization, in Argentina to help the people that are suffering from starvation, some organizations could be “The Huerta Niño Foundation”, “Love volunteers” and “Barrios de Pies”, “Cáritas”, “Plato lleno” These organizations have helped many kids who suffer from starvation.

To a certain extent, everybody can help against starvation, by donating food or giving money to organizations. Also, they can help spending time with the people and encouraging them to keep going and to be strong.

Now we need to work on the following task.

Prepare a presentation (between 6 and 8 slides) describing the areas or communities in our country which are suffering from starvation or malnutrition. Include:

A-maps of the affected areas.

B-infographics describing the living conditions of the areas.

C-mindmaps collecting the vocabulary used to refer to cases of starvation or malnutrition. Remember to use these terms in examples of your own. Use one of these tools to create your mindmap:

  1. ttps://


D-psychological and physical effects that starvation could have on our bodies.

E-Suggestions of possible solutions to the ailment of starvation.

Remember to include visual aids, pictures, and figures to justify and support your ideas.

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