How to prepare our lending libraries.

Here´s the guide on how to prepare our lending library. Read it carefully and check any doubts you may have. We´ll discuss them in class.






It´s impossible to cover all the aspects of your book. Focus on one or two only.


-Discuss the characters in the story and the events that take place around them.

– Tell the story from the point of view of one of the characters.

– Describe the book cover and explain how it relates to the story you have read. Create one of your own.

– Discuss the title of the book. Think of other possibilities. Explain why.

– Express how you felt about the book and why.

– Choose two or three quotations from the text (depending on their length).

Explain their context. What caught your attention from them? How do they contribute to the development of the story?

– Find two or three reviews about the book. Read them and decide whether they do justice to the book. How would you make them more appealing?

– Choose a section of the story and rewrite it (from the point of view of another character/ as a diary entry/ as a monologue/ as another chapter/ etc).

– Add another chapter, either as prequel or sequel.

– Create a dialogue / chat between characters in which they discuss, at least, two important events in the story.

– Build a fakebook of one of the characters.

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