What were your likes and passions in the past when you were younger? What are your interests now in senior 3? What would you think your interests will be in the future?

When I was younger I loved watching cartoons and playing with barbies. I remember once I was playing with my barbies for four hours non-stop. One Saturday afternoon Mum went shopping and took long doing it. When she returned she realised I had been watching cartoons for three hours. She was mad at me! I will never forget how angry she was.

Now I’m older I don’t longer play with barbies but I still love watching cartoons and films with my kids. I also have new hobbies. Writing children’s stories is one. I’m writing one about an enchanted castle today. I think I will have finished it by next weekend. And at this time next week I will be enjoying my holidays.

Now write your own paragraph using as many tenses as possible!! Good luck! Include one or two drawings as well.

Understand the different verb tenses with this GrammarFlip.com infographic!

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