Think which chapter of this book did you like most? Try to think why.
Think what similar experiences have you had at school or at home when you were young?

The Mouse Plot.
Have you ever played a prank at school?How did you feel? Did you get away with it or were you punished?

Mrs Pratchet/ The headmaster.
Have you ever had a bad experience with a teacher?
Have you ever been punished in an unfair way? How did you feel?
How would you react? Who would you ask for help?
How have teachers and authorities of schools changed?

The Matron
Have you ever had a naughty prefect? What punishments would you receive if you misbehaved at school?

Captain Hardcastle.
Have you ever felt afraid of someone as the kids feared Captain Hardcastle? What did you do? How do you react when you are afraid?

A visit to the doctor.
Have you ever been operated? Why? Were you young?How did you feel? How did you feel with the pain? How dod you behave when you are ill? Compare your behaviour with Roald’s.

A drive in the motor-car.
have you ever had a car accident? Were you injured?How did you feel? Who helped you?Do you think Roald was brave when he suffered the accident?
How have driving regulations changed?Are safety measures better in cars nowadays?

What did you like eating when you were a kid? Did your parents allow you to eat that in large amounts? What was your greatest dream when you were young?

Goats Tobacco.
Do you remember someone you were jelous of when you were young? Why were you jelous? Have you ever played a trick on any member of your family? Why? Tell us about it.

Work in groups and on these questions. Work on the following activities in group.

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