Writing task: Winter Holidays.

Imagine you are a reporter. Write an interview to a survivor of a catastrophic event. Then post the interview as a comment. Use at least five of the terms analysed in class in connection with catastrophes.

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  1. Antonia Flores Piran says:

    During the past week there was a monstrous storm which caused a tsunami which flooded several small villages. It was extremely horrible to see all the fragile houses ripping apart.
    The tsunami wipe out not only the houses also the Street and a lot of markets. The persons who were near the tsunami spend hellish hours, they were very scared and shocked. There were a lot of people injured and there were a lot of fatalities. When the tsunami stopped the hole area was destroyed, and everything were scattered, a lot of people were crying because of the shock and also because most of them had lost a close friend or someone relative.
    Besides the destruction and the disorder the most important job now, is to save all the persons that are injured, and then to reorganize the rest.

  2. Nicolás Araya says:

    Me: In which type of catastrophe were you involved?

    He: In an earthquake which was followed by a tsunami. I live in the Chilean coast.

    M: Were you evacuated from the area?

    H: Yes. The president declared it as a DISASTER ZONE.

    M: Which were the consequences?

    H: Not many things were destroyed with the earthquake but with the tsunami, the VULNERABLE CROPS and FRAGILE HOUSES were damaged.

    M: Were there a lot of casualties?

    H: Yes. It took a huge toll of people.

    M: Did you suffer a lot?

    H: Yes. I passed through HELLISH HOURS in my house. The earthquake was short but the tsunami was endless.

    M: was there any important structural damage?

    H: Houses were WIPED OUT and a BARREN LANDSCAPE was left. Besides, the municipality was destroyed.

    M: Was there any other kind of damage?

    H: Yes, there was. Because of the tsunami, the RIVER SWELLED and one part of the town was flooded

  3. Federico Tear says:

    Hi, my name is Federico and I want yo make you some questions, can I?

    Yes, you can.

    Thank you. So, where do you live?

    In Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    That’s where the terrific catastrophe took place.

    Yes, the hurricane.

    Were there a lot of people that died?

    Yes a lot, so there are only a few survivors. I am lucky, I am one.

    Yes. And are there injured people?

    Yes, but a few. Some are terrible injured, because of the massive attack of hurricanes we received.

    Oh, that’s terrible. And as you are a witness of what have happened, you will be interviewed by a lot of reporters, like me.

    Yes. Also a lot of people died, because the air traffic control was busy with another thing, something with a plane that crashed a building in Cordoba, so a lot of people couldn’t be help.

    Oh that’s horrible and where there rescuers?

    Yes, us. We helped each other wherever we could.

    Did the hurricane blow all the houses?

    Yes she did and some tall buildings too.

    Well, thank you very much for the interview.

    Your welcome, see you later.

    Federico tear.

  4. agustin, antonia, belu I and delfina says:

    me- hi, we are here with paul, a survivor of the hurricane that hit california.
    p- hi, yes i was eating with my friends because it was our friend birthday when suddenly an infernal wind came until it transform in a hurricane. we spend hellish hours until the hurricane veere into another area and hit canada more strongly than in california.
    me- and when the hurricane finished, how it left califonia?
    p- that part was the worst. Some houses were spread, many houses that were fragile disappeared.
    me- and sory to ask, some of your friends die?
    p- thanks god no but the mother of the man that was his bithday died.
    me- oh i am so sory.
    p- i have luck but the number of injured was very big, around of 1oo.00 people were injured.
    me- well paul thank you very much.
    p- it was nothing.

  5. Ignacio Rela says:

    Reporter: Hello, I´m reporter Mason and I have the opportunity of interviewing a survivor of a monstrous storm, this storm had collapsed many precarious buildings and almost fifty fatalities. Hello, what is your name?
    Mr. Orwell: Hello, my name is Brad Orwell. I had been suffering this storm for 5 days, my house has been flooded and I don´t have anything to eat, I´m starving.
    Reporter: Oh! This situation is atrocious. How a man can live in such situation? Do you have family?
    Mr. Orwell: actually, I´m looking my 3 sons and I cannot find them, I am really desperate my wife is already dead a tree fell down and killed instantly Kate. I can´t live in this situation, I need help (starts crying)
    Reporter: George, my job is to do know the televident how are the things in other countries and I ´m sure lots of people will help you, If you want to donate please call the number of the screen 0800-555-6589 all the amounts of money will be accepted. This people had a their houses ruined they had been ripped of their family, they are starving food is a hallucination here, please help.
    Mr. Orwell: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I´m really surprised, I don’t know what to say and how to pleased you.
    Reported: You don’t have to thank me you have to thank all the people. Brad, this is my job.

  6. Belen Irazusta says:

    R: well I’m here with a survivor of the hurricane in 2010. What can you tell us about what happened?
    MR.X: well I was sleeping and suddenly it started raining. The storm was growing stronger. There was an infernal wind and my bicycle, that was outside, fell badly in the ground. It started to scare me. I turned on the television, to see what was happening. Surprisingly I was in the middle of a hurricane!
    R: that’s terrible! Did you had much damage after the hurricane?
    MR.X: yes. My barn was completely destroyed, it ripped apart my wooden barn in stilts. The hurricane snatched up my tractor.
    R: how did you survive?
    MR.X: well near my house I had a shelter, so I went there.
    R: that’s good. What can you tell me about your stuff, and the others stuff, after the hurricane
    MR.X: the hurricane hit the area where I was, Miami, and then veered into another area, Orlando. All the things I had in my house were seriously soaked.
    R: poor you. Did the disaster took a huge toll?
    MR.X: well it wasn’t so huge luckily.
    R: that’s good! Well thank you Mr.x.
    MR.X: you are welcome. See you.

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