Ghost stories.

Read the beginning of the following ghost story and write an appropriate ending. Write at least 200 words creating an atmosphere of tension.

It was a gloomy dusk. Fog had crept all over town. I was walking along the street. It had started raining heavily. It was the most solitary place I had ever seen. The fog was now so thick that I could hardly see my own reflection on the ground.

Suddenly, I could feel an odd presence. There were apparitions everywhere. Their persistent smell flooded the streets. It was the smell of the dead. I was so intense I had to gasp for breath. When I looked at the sky again, it was overcast. The thickness of the clouds served as a medium for them to appear. Too many clouds had gathered preventing the moon from unleashing its flashes.

The scurrying shoadows wouldn´t stop moving. They haunted me and  lurked around me awaiting eagerly for the precise moment to attack. It was a moment of sheer terror. How could I run away from that mortal trap?

From a distance shrieks of terror could be heard. The place was completely conquered by fear. It was penetrating, so powerful and intense I could feel it under my skin. The screams came suddenly to a halt. Later, I had some brief sensation of relief. Still, my vision was blurred. The apparitions were still present. They could be perceived.

The stillness of the night and the isolation of the streets made the night unbearable.A strong paralysis dominated the streets as if the akward presence of these supernatural beings had taken the place by surprise as well. The bleakness of the weather and the thickness of the fog prevented any form of movement. The only moving substance was the air being inhaled and exhaled. I had to keep on breathing. That would prevent my fainting.

Lastly, the paralysis also reached me. I felt my limbs numbed. Moving was no longer possible, let alone running. My  destiny was  to collapse haunted by those odd ephemeral creatures; isolated, confused, ignorant of what their intentions might be.

Desperation dominated me. The unknown beings had formed a circle around me. They were approaching nearer and nearer. Their presence was so close that I could hardly breathe. I was sure that I would die there. Nobody would come to my rescue. A strong feeling of stillness conquered me from head to toes. The end was near.

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