We were looking out the windows , the big ash cloud was aproaching fast, the tension and fear were in the enviroment, a deep silence embraced a rate of 100 miles, the animals were stressed , the birds were gone, the only noise we could hear was the leaves crashing against each other because of the wind, a wind which was bringing a dense ash cloud.
Three minutes later, the ash cloud was over us, ashes started falling, they were hot and if you breath enough you could die , the chickens died first. Suddently the silence was abruptly interrupted by a strong sound , it was the active volcano , it had exploded , an out standing heat was expelled by the red magma which moved fast downhill ending with the life of evertything which steped  on his way. luckily I saw that happening 90 miles away , but it was early to celebrate. the volcano started spitting fireballs which went over 200 miles , fields in fire , homes destroyed , thousands of bodies lying all over the bloody heating floor.
I decided to go to the basement with my mom and pray. I thought the magma wouldn`t reach so far , I thought it wouldn`t reach my home. Finally that dire sound started slowly ceasing, it appeared to have stopped. so I went out, the firemen were working hard , they were managing to turn the magma into rock. suddently a massive magma wave of the size f a tzunami started getting close to the city, my last words were prayers , i could see how the magma wave crashed against me.  Santiago Roldán.
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