More Storms.

We were going to Cordoba for our holidays, It was a very hot afternoon in January. The music was playing on the car radio, the airconditioner helped our mood, glancing towards the East I saw a terrible sight. The sky was darkening and a big boiling cloud was appearing with various shades of red at the edges, shortly afterwards the rain started to fall. Our conversation ended and the silence started.,Thunders then more lightnings. Torrents of rain made it difficult to see the road. We watched how our father was trying to concentrate on the driving. Everything was blowing away outside pushed by the terrible wind. More thunder and lightnings. There were several minutes of tension. Suddenly we saw a gas station and we decided that we should take shelter and wait till the storm ends.

                                                                                                         Pilar Olaizola

I was walking home after school, when a terrible storm swept acroos the whole town, boiling out of the open land nearby. The rain in a downpour splattered all over the roads and over me. I ran for shelter. When I got in the shelter, I glanced toward the east, and I saw a terrifying sight. An enormous boiling cloud, just about to explode. The sky was extremely black, it seemed that it was 10 o’clock in the evening, and lightnings stroke across the horizon. The storm just austered. There were torrents of rain and gusts of wind. The branches snapped and the leaves, soaked, strewn along pavements. Everyone that was with me in the shelter was silenced with dread. The atmosphere was of an unendurable tension.

Maria Paula Tear.

        Description of a storm.  (Lucila Flores Piran)

As i was walking in the park,with my sister,we heard a roaring thunder and 3 minutes later we saw the lightning.In the moment we saw the lightning we started running home.As we were running back home, i called my mother to tell her the situation .She told us to run as fast as we could because a terrible storm was approaching.Suddendly heavy gusts of wind swept over us.we could hardly keep walking as we were not downwind.

Half an hour later, we got home. Many thing, rubbish, papers, garbage bags, were in the crosswalk. This strong wind razed it all . The storm lasted 2 days but the first 3 hours of the storm were the worst of all; people couldn`t go out to the streets, it was really dangerous. Luckily we arrived home on time and now we are safe.

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