Description of Storms.

It was the first day of my holidays.  I had been desperately waiting for these moments where I could finally relax. I was on a tropical beach in the Bahamas.
As I walked through the short path that separated my room from the white, soft sand and the beautiful turquoise sea, I could already feel the warmth and humidity of the air in my skin. I looked above me and saw through the shimmering green leaves of the palm trees an increasingly grey sky. A huge cloud was approaching the island. It was almost as black as charcoal, and I could see how it began to twist and twirl on the inside. I was not scared. Nobody was scared.
Suddenly, the wind blew harder  and it hurled the buckets, parasols and other implements against the houses, restaurants and shops. I could hear loud noises and windows breaking.
Boiling raindrops began to splash and splatter on the leaves of the palm trees and on the sea, creating a soothing, musical sound. More raindrops began to fall heavily and made it very difficult to see. The whole scene was utterly dark. The thunders were powerful; the lightnings seemed more dangerous than ever. 
 Particles of sand flew everywhere, and I was blown away by the strong wind.
The local islanders were used to this sort of events, but for me, this storm was the most extreme phenomenon I had ever experienced. It was also what ruined my dream of enjoying my first day of holidays on a sunny day on the beach.
Olivia Arcuri
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