A Crime story by Diogenes Dietrich.

Crime story

            It was a cold night when Jack Harries was in his cell thinking about the past. He had become an orphan since he was 6 years old. A drunk man called Charles Mason had killed his parents after robbing them in the street. Even  though the police carried out a huge investigation there was no evidence or incriminating objects found, so Mason was set free.

            Mr. Harries had a horrible childhood at the orphanage, and was obsessed with the idea of killing the man who murdered his parents. Fifteen years after the incident he was imprisioned because he planted a small bomb at a restaurant, which killed two innocent men. It was not his intention to kill them, but he was told by a neighbour that a man who was apparently Mason ate there every night.

            Jack escaped from jail three months after being imprisoned and continued with his search. He wouldn’t stop until he found Charles. After so many years he finally discovered Mason had changed his face with a cosmetic surgeon named Bontock. He threatened the surgeon to give him the murderer’s home address and the terrified doctor gave it to him. The next day he waited outside Mason’s home for about twelve hours. When the killer got home at night, Jack took out his pistol and shot  him three times in the head.

            The police found a lot of evidence in the crime scene, including Jack’s fingerprints and weapon. After searching for him for a week they found him hiding below a bridge. Charges were brought against him for escaping from prison and murder. When he was in the dock Jack alleged madness, but the judge didn’t believe him. Jack was going to spend the rest of his life in jail, but he was happy, he had taken his revenge.

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