ABOUT A BOY: discussion questions

Watch the following extract from the film, think about the questions and post a comment.

What did charity mean to Will?

Why does Marcus go to Will´s house? What suggestion does he have for Will?

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  1. Diogenes Dietrich says:

    1. To Will, charity meant that if you mean it, you must to do charity. But, if you did not (feel it), then you should not do it, because for doing it without intention, it would be better not to do it.

    2. Marcus goes to Will’s house because Will have told him before to Marcus’ mum that he had a son, so Marcus could not tolerate Will’s lie and wanted him to make sure he finally said what actually was the truth.
    He extortioned Will by telling him that if he did not go out with his mum, he would tell everyone that he did not have any son.

  2. Pedro Nardi says:

    1) Charity for Will was that you have to mean things to help people, that is why he never made anything related to charity because he did not mean to help.
    2)To confirm he does not have a kid, and that means he was lying to Marcus mother, to his friend and his friend’s mother. So Marcus suggests he won’t tell anyone he was lying only if Will becomes his mother’s boyfriend, because Marcus thought she would love to have a boyfriend because she was feeling depressed.

  3. Chloe Taylor says:

    1. Will didn’t like charity becuase he thought it was a problem because you have to mean things to help people. Obviously he was not the kind of people that help other people, he really didn’t care about anything or anybody.
    2. Marcus have been following Will to see if he had a kid. He went to Will’s house because he didn’t belive Will had a child.
    That his mom is bittersweet and that he thinks she would like a boyfriend and that boyfriend should be Will.

  4. valentin tear says:

    1)For Will, charity is very important, for example, he was vonluntered in a kitchen.

    2) Marcus goes to will´s house to ask him if he realy has a child, because he had been spying him and dicovered that he realy didnt had a child. And then he proposed a deal to Will: he is not going to say anithing about that he does not have a child if Will (sory Pilar but i didnt undertand what Marcus says)

  5. Tomas Posse says:

    1-He said that for charity you have to mean something to help people
    2-Marcus goes to will’s house because he wants to see if he has a child. He said that he will say that he has a kid if he is the boy friend of his mother.

  6. Gitika says:

    1. Charity, for Will, meant going to someone is houses and waste their time or to pretend there interest in something. He said that he had to maen it to do it, without meaning to do charity or whatever he found it senseless.
    2.Marcus goes to Will is house because he got to know Will did not have a kid.He suggests Will to date his mom in exchange of his silence.

  7. malena di bella says:

    1. What did charity mean to Will?
    Charity for Will meant meaning what you are doing, because that is what helps you.
    2.Why does Marcus go to Will´s house? What suggestion does he have for Will?
    Marcus starts following Will because he said he had a son but Marcus was not sure about it. So Marcus started followin Will to find out if this was true or not; he realised that Will didn’t have any child. So, Marcus offered Will to teach him how to be a parent and have a son, if he goes out with his mom, who is actually depressed.

  8. 1) Charity meant that someone has to mean things to help people. Not as him, because he didn’t meant thing, so he couldn’t do charity.
    2) Marcus went to Will’s house to confirm if he really had a son or if he was lying; Marcus already knew the answer because he had been watching him during the last few days. The suggestion Marcus has for Will, is that Will is lying to him, his mom and his mom’s friend, just to go out with her.

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