Video: Lion. Groups

Group 1:Paz, Juansi, Luca and Santi Yesse.

Group 2:Mati Campion, Mora,Nico Grosso and Juana.

Group 3: Mati Carreira, Tomi, Caro and Feli.

Group 4:Mati Hartman, Valen, Santi Guerrico and Rosita.

Group 5: Emi, Lucas V, Fede and Serena.

Group 6: Facu, Nico Larralde and Manu Carrizo.

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Video Watching: Lion, a long way from home.

Video Watching.
1-Imagine you were lost and couldn´t find your family, what would you do?
After watching.
1-Describe the environment and conditions of the orphanage in Calcuta.
2-How does he react when he is separated from his Indian family and becomes lost?
3-Choose a dialogue from your extract that could be used to report.
4-Choose at least two expressions or idioms used in your extract. Find out the meaning and provide an example to illustrate its use.
5- Growing up in Australia is better than growing up in India? Do you think that schooling creates better opportunities?
Research Work:
What do you know about adoption in our country? Do you know how the process works?
Find another story of a boy or girl who had to fight against all odds. It must be a true story. It must be a story of determination and courage.
Write a summary of the story.
Compare the protagonist with Saroo.
Reflect on the teaching this story leaves us.

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Reported Speech.

Watch this video on Reported Speech and then answer the following questions as comments!!

What is reported speech?

What happens to tenses in reported speech?

How are the verbs say and tell used in reported speech?

Give two examples of reported speech used in the tutorial?

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Workiing with crime articles.

Read the following crime report. Prepare a summary and highlight all the vocabulary connected with crime and the legal system. Then prepare a quiz or game to revise the vocabulary. Work in groups of 3.

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Working with film clips!!

Look for an interesting conversation from your favourite show or series, write the transcript and report the dialogue using reporting verbs!!

Revise the rules for Reported Speech

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Topics for Term Test S2

Passive Voice.

Causative Passive.

Conditional sentences.

Vocabulary crime and the legal system.

Short stories: Dumb Martian, An eye for an eye.

Reading Comprehension. IGCSE Exam Practice.

Writing crime stories, diary entries, dialogues, summaries.

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Cooperative Writing.

Choose ONE of the following pictures and write a descriptive piece based on it. The task will be carried in groups of three cooperatively editing a doc. Use this site:

BAGAN, MYANMAR – FEBRUARY 24, 2018: The crowded covered tourist market next to Ananda Temple offers variety of local clothes and accessories, on February 24 in Bagan

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Topics for Term Test.

Reading Comprehension. IGCSE Exam.

Writing opinion essays.

Writing descritive pieces.

Summary writing.

Face chapters 1-16 (plot, characters, vocabulary, themes and message)

Inversion and Emphasis.

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Quiz on Emphasis.

After having investigated on Emphasis do the following quiz.

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Understanding Proyect.

Here`s our Understanding Project . Have a look!!

This is the rubric used to evaluate your oral presentations:

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