Dumb Martian: Test

Choose two of the following questions and develop complete answers. Remember to justify your opinions and to quote.

Deadline: May, 16th.

Remember to answer the questions as a paragraph (50- 70 words)
Check grammar, prepositions, linkers, spelling and punctuation before posting your answers.
Be clear as regards the numbers of the questions you choose.

1.Discuss the full significance of the title of the story.

2.How are the Martians described at the top of p70? What do we learn of them and their history/ civilization?

3.How are we given the impression that Lellie is a mere possession, commodity or investment of Weaver? Can you find suitable quotes to support your discussion?

4.Where in the short story is Duncan’s verbal and physical abuse of Lellie at its worst? Discuss the incident.

5.What does female emancipation mean? Why does Lellie’s question about ‘female emancipation’ get Weaver so angry?

6.“She was a dumb Mart”. This phrase is repeated often throughout the story. Do you agree?
Explain with reference to Lellie’s actions.

7.What message of relevance to the present (society, people, technology, personal qualities, related issues) does this story have?

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