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The Inspiration of Mr Budd – Dialogue Writing

  • Write the last part of Mr Budd’s interview with the inspector beginning at line 160, ‘But there’s one thing more…’

Mr Budd: Hello Sir, I have a very important declaration to show you…

Inspector: Ok Mr, what interesting cause do you have to show me?

Mr Budd: Oh, I’m sorry, but I can’t stand the fact that the door opened a chink. Please, go and slam it.

Inspector: All right. Let’s start, what’s the matter?

Mr Budd: I will tell you something you won’t believe me. I have been with…

Inspector: Stop holding your tongue, and please withdraw from pacing up and down.

Mr Budd: Ok, I’m sorry. Well, returning to the case, I have been with the murderer in my barber’s saloon.

Inspector: Really? Tell me exactly what happened, but without stammering if possible.

Mr Budd: Well, everything happened some hours ago… I was reading the newspaper this morning, and found the article of the wanted man. I was thinking that it was very unlikely that the criminal would choose my unsuccessful saloon, out of all the barber’s shops in the gigantic city of London. And I also saw no reason to suppose he was in London.

Inspector: And? How does the story continue? Tell me more details…

Mr Budd: So, the man suddenly bursted into my shop. I began to suspect him of being the wanted man since I spotted well-kept teeth and a gold stopping in his mouth. The next thing that made me suspect him was when I took conscious note of the horny, deformed left thumb nail. At that point, I was almost sure it was him.

Inspector: And, did he do anything to dissimulate any of his aspects?

Mr Budd: Yes, he did. But it was very easy to realise he was nervous.

Inspector: What did you decide to do next?

Mr Budd: Hmm, as he ordered me to die his hair, I decided to do him a trick.

Inspector: In what did the trick consist?

Mr Budd: In order to die his hair, I gave him a substance that changes his hair colour with the passing of time. So, he believed he would have dark brown hair in the future, but he didn’t know that later on his hair colour will become green.

Inspector: Ah, this means that your idea is that, as we know the man will have green hair, he would be easier to find.

Mr Budd: That’s right, you understood. I believe that it would be better if you start investigating where he is.

Inspector: Oh yes, we should stop losing time. Thanks a lot for the information.

Mr Budd: Your welcome, but I didn’t help you for nothing. I want my £2500 reward.

Inspector: You never told me that you were searching for something in exchange…

Mr Budd: Is this any kind of joke? Let me show you what’s on the newspaper.

Inspector: Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot about that. Wait me a second, I’ll search the money.

Mr Budd: Thanks, Mr Inspector. Hope that you can catch the criminal. Good bye.

Inspector: The same to you, Sir. Good luck.

Diogenes Dietrich. S2.

Igancio rela



Imagine you are on a trip and you developed an attack of appendicitis. Write a letter back home telling your parents how you feel and how much you want to come home. (Try to use as many terms as you can.) (120-150 words)

Dear mom and dad,

This days were the most terrible days in my life, I am having an enormous stomach pain, I just even can’t bear it.

It all started a few days ago, I was sleeping when suddenly I woke up all drenched and crying, I was clutching my stomach while I was sleeping. I yelled of pain and the matron of the trip came running.. “what´s happening here?” I started to cry and said “mmmy stomach!”  she told me that  I was a high probability that my appendix was seriously injured, a strange illness called “appendicitis”, she measured me the temperature. Thanks to god I wasn´t running a temperature.

Yesterday, a doctor came and revised me, he examined me and diagnosed me appendicitis,  my friends are really scared about my illness they say that I  yell when I´m sleeping and  I clutch my stomach as it was the only hope I have in my life. My pain doesn’t stop.

Today I was examined by the doctor he said he had to see how the illness progress. He took notes and set up a conclusion saying I am going to be operated tomorrow.

Please mom and dad pray for me! I miss you so much, I really miss  the hug of both of you



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